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24 August 2020

Post-Lockdown New-Normal Practices to Boost Customer Confidence Upon Using Services with Contactless Intelligent Parking Innovations.

Beware COVID-19’s 2nd Wave! Is Now Time for 3 Businesses - Malls, Hospitals, and Condos to Quickly Create “Phase 4” Post-Lockdown New-Nor...

21 November 2019

Bluebik proactively invests in “KEEPS”, a superstar Fashion startup.

Bluebik proactively invests in “KEEPS”, a superstar fashion startup, seeking to advance its consulting business and pushes the brand toward a top t...

23 September 2019

Bluebik invests in startups for knowledge enhancement, technology, and innovation.

Bluebik Group, a consulting firm specialising in strategy development, program management and digital transformation, which has extensive experienc...