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5 February 2020

“Adjusting quickly and knowing how to use technology” paves the way to the top of the real estate business pyramid.

The digital disruption era does not only pose challenges but also offers opportunities for those who know how to use disruptive technology to their...

3 February 2020

It’s time for CTO/CIO to quickly embrace changes to catch up with the needs of the digital business world.

We have heard for a long time that Digital Disruption will likely cause significant change to every industry. Any business that cannot cope with su...

10 October 2019

Bio Payment : A new take on payments in a Cashless society

“You can make payments without cash.”, Thailand is gradually turning itself into a functioning cashless society – meaning that after five years, y...

9 October 2019

Marketing Automation : A Future Marketing Tool

Old-school marketing may not be enough to make us thrive in the digital age.  As people are concerned with time and becoming more sophistic...

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