News & Activities 23 September 2019

Bluebik invests in startups for knowledge enhancement, technology, and innovation.

Bluebik Group, a consulting firm specialising in strategy development, program management and digital transformation, which has extensive experience and expertise in developing digital strategies for sustainable competitive advantages, revealed a business strategy on its investment in startups that have potential to grow internationally.  The investment will strengthen the company by allowing it to gain insight into digital knowledge to the point where it is able to compete on an international scale. Such a move will pave the path for it to become the leading consulting firm in strategy development and program management within 2020.  

Currently, Bluebik Group has invested in 6 startups and will invest in 2 more startups within the next year.  The focus of the investment is on the fields of Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Electric Vehicle (EV), and Fashion, which plays a key role in driving clients’ businesses.

Mr. Pochara Arayakarnkul, CEO of Bluebik Group Co., Ltd.,

Mr. Pochara Arayakarnkul, CEO of Bluebik Group Co., Ltd., disclosed that one of the strategies to strengthen and differentiate from other business consulting firms is digital knowledge enhancement with the capacity to leverage innovation and technology as well as new international ideas to escalate clients’ businesses, as to be competitive in the digital world. Bluebik Group aims to be the leader in strategy and implementation within 2020.  In addition to providing consulting services, the company has also positioned itself as a partner of clients.  When clients need to enhance their competitiveness, Bluebik will be the business consultant on the top of their minds.

To achieve the leading position, the company has to have its strength –deep knowledge and better understanding of digital disrupction.  Investing in startups with deep technology that leverage highly complex technologies and have the potential to grow internationally allows Bluebik to obtain critical knowledge, especially in digital technology, which is a tool for business development across industries.

“Innovations are more often initiated by startups than traditional companies.  Startups are more flexible and run by new generation professionals who have a thorough grasp of technology. Born in the digital age, the people behind startups have a distinct advantage in developing innovations.  Bluebik; therefore, has an idea to gain advantages like startups.  Thinking like and entering into partnerships with the startups will allow Bluebik to deeply understand and learn about the adoption of technologies for clients’ businesses. Thanks to startups (strategic partners) who specialize in various fields, Bluebik consultancy will not only provide an overview of strategy management but also in-depth knowledge for each operating process ranging from innovation, design, new global way of working such as Design Thinking,” Mr. Pochara said.

Mr. Pochara added that Bluebik has so far invested in 6 startups, including Blue Parking -smart parking service provider with IoT-based automatic license plate recognition system and Cloud system to optimize convenience for car drivers; Keeps – fashion house designed for working people through Omni-channel experience; Oxygen AI -leader in Video Analytics and  Conventional Chatbots; Ingenio – Big Data Solution provider to enhance business capability; ETRAN -producer of high-efficiency electric motorcycles –a startup under Almond Digital Group which is a subsidiary of Bluebik Group; and Cashnow – innovative platform for digitizing the lending application process.

Within next year, Bluebik plans to invest in two more startups with an emphasis on key technology trends that are crucial to creating competitive advantages for clients by reducing costs and increasing business opportunities. The tech trends are:

1. Internet of Things (IoT) – the extension of Internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data through automatic systems.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) – software technologies for facial recognition, identity verification, object monitoring and detection, conversation with customers via Chatbot and even automatic introduction of products and services to customers.

3. Electric Vehicles (EV) – high efficiency and environmentally friendly transportation.

4. Big Data & Analytics – large volume of data will be analyzed to get insights that create value-added for business.

5. Fintech – adoption of technologies to make financial transactions 6. Retail Tech – adoption of technologies to help manage customer experiences and reduce costs in the retail business.

6. Retail Tech – adoption of technologies to help manage customer experiences and reduce costs in the retail business.