Our people’s stories 23 September 2019

6-month internships with Bluebik

As a new season for internship approaches, we will be taking a look at the experiences of some of the interns who have already completed their internships with us. We have “Tuun” who is a Business Analyst, and “Bun” who is a Front-End Developer – both young graduates of Chiang Mai University. We shall find out from them whether the time they spent here with the Bluebik family has been worthwhile or not.

Day 1 Vs Final Day as an intern at Bluebik. 

Tuun: Looking back at my time there, I can say that as my internship with Bluebik went on, I was starting to feel a positive change in the way I was approaching the tasks at hand, and a broadened sense of general perspective. I attribute that to the fact that our trainers were open-minded and actually encouraged us to be more hands-on in our approach; and they were around to give us advice when we needed it. A lot of times when things were new to us, or when the tasks looked a bit tough, we were encouraged to take risks so as to tear away from the safe zone. I feel that that has resulted in an all-round development of our skills and experience during the internship there.

Bun: Because the tasks that we were assigned were almost entirely based on real on-going projects, we actually got the chance to work on them with the group, and that has taught me a lot about team-work and problem solving as a unit.

One thing I was told when applying for my internship at Bluebik that fascinated me was:
“at Bluebik we treat our interns like a part of the working team.”

That has certainly left a lasting impression on me.

Tuun: One thing I was told when applying for my internship at Bluebik that fascinated me was: “at Bluebik we treat our interns like a part of the working team.” During our first week at the internship, our trainers went full on and assigned us real tasks, invited us to meetings, and were very open-minded when it came to asking for our contributions. (Don’t worry about having your time wasted sitting idly, because there’s always something to do around here) 

As far as I was concerned, I came to train to become a Business Analyst, so I was assigned tasks pertaining to finding solutions for the requirements of the clients. Not only was I asked to prepare the Pitch Decks, but I was also offered the chance to make presentations to the clients myself. That was extremely gratifying, to say the least. 

The work environment I was placed in was very comfortable and cordial. If snacking is a lifestyle you enjoy, you could always hit the shops with the snack crew and stock up on supplies. If you’re a health-freak, there’s always someone who’s up for a workout session at Lumpini Park. Other fun activities I also enjoyed were the company annual outings, the weight-loss campaigns, corporate social activities, etc. 

Bun: As a Front-End Developer, all the projects I was assigned were actually put to use in real on-going company projects, so the pressure was on. Our trainers, however, were always open-minded and always offered help whenever we needed. That can really make you feel more safe and comfortable, and also helps in reducing the burden of stress on your shoulders. 

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