News & Activities 21 November 2019

Bluebik proactively invests in “KEEPS”, a superstar Fashion startup.

Bluebik proactively invests in “KEEPS”, a superstar fashion startup, seeking to advance its consulting business and pushes the brand toward a top tech-fashion startup in Thailand.

“Bluebik Group”, a leading consultant on strategy and management through innovation and technological solutions, has assertively moved to invest in KEEPS, a superstar startup in the fashion industry. The investment helps gain deeper insights into consumers’ behaviors and novel innovations, advancing the consulting business through creating new products and services for customers in other industries. One of the key strengths of the KEEPS brand is its concept of “Beyond the traditional workwear.” The brand gains popularity among female office workers in Thailand and overseas. Recently, KEEPS was selected as 1 of the 3 Thai brands joining the SS2020 Wave Showroom Shanghai Fashion Week event in China. The brand plans to expand its footprint in overseas markets full-scale, focusing on using the omni-channel approach to enhance customer experiences and adopting technologies to promote sales. KEEPS aims at becoming a leading tech-fashion startup in Thailand.

Mr. Pochara Arayakarnkul, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bluebik Group Co., Ltd., a leading consultant on strategy and management through innovation and technological solutions, has revealed that Bluebik Group has invested in KEEPS, a fashion startup firm. With its commitment to differentiating its brand, KEEPS breaks away from the traditional business office dress code to create something out of the box. Its target customers are working women. It has been a very outstanding startup in terms of its business and products. The firm mainly conducts business through the omni-channel approach to gain broad-based, direct and quick access to consumers and win their hearts instantly.

Benefits of investing in KEEPS.

Investing in KEEPS is one of the strategies employed by Bluebik Group in order to strengthen and differentiate Bluebik Group’s core consulting business. Bluebik Group is looking to equip itself with new facets of knowledge from diversified industries so as to come up with new innovations and technologies to elevate customers businesses to be competitive in the digital world. This investment in KEEPS will help enhance the business of Bluebik Group in the following 3 main aspects :  

1. To obtain new areas of knowledge about the fashion industry for Bluebik Group. Investing in KEEPS will help provide Bluebik Group’s employees with new knowledge in the 2 main areas : 
1) In-depth insights into consumer desires and behaviors related to fashion, which will help the company earn competitive advantages, and
2) Designs, innovations and technologies for using as business tools in the fashion industry, prompting new opportunities for applying the knowledge gained to customers in other industries.

2. To create new products and services through the collaboration of people from the two companies. Bluebik Group views that the innovations applied by KEEPS, such as choosing clothes to suit the style and shape of each buyer, can be used to further develop products for entrepreneurs in other industries. This is because of the techniques to choose things that meet user needs are not simply confined to the clothes business, but can also be adapted to all consumption-related industries such as food, real estate and automobile.  

3. To give a sound return with the best value for the investment. The fashion industry is a fast-growing community, especially in the developing countries such as the AEC members that are appreciated in fashion products from Thailand. Also, KEEPS’ business model supports the mixed use of online channels and brick-and-mortar branches or the “Omni-Channel” approach which helps fill the gap in and strengthen sales operations. Hence, KEEPS will be able to achieve sales growth satisfactorily.

Ms. Natcha Rachataworaporn, a co-founder of the KEEPS brand, shared that the KEEPS brand was founded in 2017 with the desire to reform the old fashion look of office wear for ladies. The intention is to create the brand that stands out by doing the fashion business through the perspectives of businesspersons and marketers based on the belief that “Beyond the traditional workwear.”or “formal doesn’t have to be boring”. This is the concept behind KEEPS’ clothes design for working women with professional look. Those wearing the brand’s clothes will feel confident, full of energy and inspiring to work, which will help improve their work efficiency. Recently,in OctoberKEEPS was selectedto be 1 of the 3 Thai brands and 1 of the 25 worldwide brands to showcase its SS2020 collection at the Wave Showroom Shanghai Fashion Week eventin China. This proves the Thai brand’s ability to go global. Also, it is the first time for the brand to expand its business presence overseas officially.

Ms.Katchareeya & Ms.Natcha Rachataworaporn, co-founder of KEEPS

Ms. Katchareeya Rachataworaporn, a co-founder of the KEEPS brand, stated that after the investment of Bluebik Group in KEEPS, Bluebik Group has brought in many improvements to the brand including the building of branding, marketing campaigns, and operation guideline development. Thus, the brand was able to achieve over 5 times growth with the average monthly growth rate of up to 50% over the past 5 months. The brand also saw its follower base on social media channels expand up to 3 times, from 6,000 followers to 17,800 followers. Regarding the business plan of KEEPS, the details are as follows :  

1. To establish a strong foundation for operations to be ready for domestic and overseas market expansion. 

2. To schedule the launching of offline stores for around the 2ndquarter of 2020 in business areas to respond to the needs of female office workers. Also, to expand its branches through multi-brand stores to gain access to customers comprehensively. In addition the focus will be placed on the creation of omni-channel experiences for customers which customers can try clothes at the offline stores and make purchases through online channels such as Facebook, Instagram and other e-commerce platforms.  

3. To conduct special projects with Thai and foreign celebrities to create new products or through the so-called “Collaboration” with influencers. This is to help increase the brand recognition among new groups of customers at a wider scale. 

4. To open a website for customers to enhance online purchases at a full-scale level. The concept is the all-in-one website which allows consumers to shop around online without limits from any corner of the world. Motivational and inspirational articles for modern working women as well as information relating to the brand from all channels will be collected and stored at www.keeps-design.com. With its beautifully and meticulously designed look, the KEEPS’ website is believed to be outstanding and different from others. 

5. To use technologies to promote sales with a view to become a top tech-fashion startup in Thailand. Such technologies including the “Personal Stylist” can provide suggestions in terms of pattern, style, size, body shape, etc. to fit each individual customer to cater to the personalization trend. Also, technologies to promote customization services for accommodating personal tastes and physical appearances are adopted to facilitate simpler and more convenient operations.