Established in 2013, Bluebik Group is a group of companies delivering consultancy services based out of Bangkok.

Our team comprises a vast array of 120+ internationally experienced consultants.

We also offer innovation and experience design service for our clients; such as product ideation, product prototyping, as well as go-to-market testing.

What we do

The most comprehensive, specialised and innovative services offered to our customers

Management consulting

Identify key success factors, craft strategic directions and position a company to win

Innovation and design consulting

Differentiate solutions and approaches with innovation and power of design

IT consulting and implementation

Construct robust technology platforms to compete in rapidly changing and dynamic market

Strategic PMO

Strategically and systematically execute projects and deliver success

Our leaders

Pochara Arayakarnkul

Chief Executive Officer


Chantacha Suwannajitr

Chief Operation Officer


Pakorn Jiemskulthip

Chief Technology Officer


Soranun Choochut

Chief Marketing Officer


Sriprae Thanathitiphan

Chief Financial Officer


We are passionate in bringing the most forefront ways of
working to deliver success to clients.